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your own "at sea" tale

Speedboat.gr is ideally designed to offer a wide range of private cruises with speedboats, directing in each case a new adventure to get to know the special beaches of each area while enjoying the crystal clear waters.

So, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best and live your own “at sea” fairy tale.

Beach bars & more

Routes to the most popular beach bars on the shores of the 1st & 2nd foot of Halkidiki, where in addition to a tour of the golden and sunny beaches, you have the opportunity to feel the vibes of absolute fun in the sand.


Daily adventures

Discover the diversity of the beautiful coasts of Kassandra and Sithonia through special daily routes.


Plan your cruise

Day trips that we plan based on your schedule and destination, making your every wish come true.


Cruising events & more

Organizing special events such as bachelor party, birthday party and even a wedding proposal, giving a special character to your surprises. At the same time, we offer the ultimate sea safari cruise experience and we also have a private boat taxi service.